We are a small group of local guides, who love to share our local trails with visiting riders. Have been involved with the sport for quite some time and we have built numerous trails in the area. We can arrange an amazing multi or single day guided bike adventure. Our local trails are mostly natural, forest, loamy singletrack trails, various difficulty, from technical to fast ones:

Every ride has the potential to take you someplace new. And when you devote your vacation days to do nothing but eat, drink, and ride your way around an unfamiliar destination, that experience becomes next level. There’s really no better way to connect with the sights, sounds, and culture of a region than on two wheels.

  • Founder of VratsaTrails.

    Valentino KatovEnduro,XC, AM

  • Emil IvanovEnduro,XC, AM, E-BIke


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  • Enduro

    So far we have created over 20 trails mainly for Enduro and AM mountain biking

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  • XC

    Our region is extremely rich in roads and paths, which makes riding the XC one of the most popular

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  • All-Mountain

    Оver the years we have created numerous routes of varying difficulty and length, telling about the hidden natural beauties of the Balkans

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  • E-Bike

    the last two years we have also focused on E-Bike which are becoming more and more polar, and there is a reason.

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  • 2005


    Group foundation

  • 2010


    Join of country association

  • 2002


    We're bigger

  • 2020


    Online presence