The Beginning

First bike attempts on the trails.

Somewhere in the beginning of the millennium in the town of Vratsa, there was a man named Asen Ivanov. He was passionate about action sports first with roller skating, later he started the first known by us mountain bike rides and started exploring the trails in Vratsa Mountain on a bike. He formed a group of friends including mr. Tsvetan Gyonov, Gero Aleksandrov, Tsvety, Niki and others which were one of the first people mountain biking in the town. 150+


First bike races

Getting serious

Somewhere in 2002 - 2003 Asen, Gero and Tsvetan participated in few of the first mountain bike races in Bulgaria - South Paark Sofia and the first and only MTB stage race in Bulgaria - Parallel Universe.



We are bigger

Around 2003-2005 Valentino Katov and Emil Ivanov - the founders of Vratsa Trails are joining Asen with their first attempts mountain biking. Since then mountain biking is becoming their life and they are still passionate about it today. Emil participate in the third edition of the epic stage race Parallel Universe in 2004, which later becomes a friendly non-racing symbolic event in mountain biking in Bulgaria, and Both Valentino and Emil participate yearly for more than 13 years.


Race time

First events

In 2013 Emil Ivanov with some fellow bikers including Valentino Katov organised the first serious mountain bike race in Vratsa mountain. It was epic one day race with 40 km course and 2000m climb, changeling physically and technically even the best racers. Racers said it was the hardest one day race at the times. Yet there was a lot of hobby participants riding just for the breath taking views and the unique beauty and spirit of the mountain


Trail building

We care

In that time many of the trails here were abandoned and full of fallen trees, bushes and branches. Valentino initiated the bike community and we began cleaning and maintaining the trails. We got so enthusiastic about it, that we started even some trail building making some jumps, berms and other fun elements on the trails.


Getting Enduro

Try our trails

In 2017 as the enduro discipline got so popular, and we have cleaned and done some trail building, so we decided to invite people to try them. We made the first organized friendly enduro meeting with a lot of people participating from all over the country. With each year after that the event got more and more popular due to the unique landscape and terrain and fun rides. We were one of the first to organizing non racing enduro event, and participants got even more than the most popular races in the country


We are online

The web

In 2019 Valentino initiated the idea of one big informative site for the area and we started working on it. That's how this site was created.

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