This is a magnificent short, yet meaningful and intense all mountain course with nice single-track on the ascent and fun and variable trail down. It starts from Medkovets neighborhood in Vratsa with few kilometers not too steep, but rocky single-track on which you need to put some effort and pick your lines even uphill. The climb is very picturesque with nice open area views to Vratsa town, Dabnika Dam and Veslets mountain side from the trail. Getting out of the Forrest we pass-by a old abandoned ship crossing a tiny river. We continue on a wide grassy road reaching the Patleina meadow - wide and beautiful open space. Just a little more climb and on the top of the meadows there is small gazebo a nice rest point with breathtaking view towards Vratsta pass and the mighty central wall which is a popular international rock climbing area. After the short brake catching our breath, a tiny single track rambling on the top of ridge takes us to the start of the trail. The descent is pure fun and it makes the climb so worth it. Variable terrain with some loose rocks at the beginning, steep and sharp turns in the Forrest and solid red rocks section at the and. Just a little after the beginning, getting out of the Forrest you reach a nice meadow and 100 meters side from the trail there is another breath taking view towards Central wall and Zgorigrad village. After you finish in do lower streets in the village you can visit the local pub, or continue by Vratsata pass and after taking a nice bike lane near the rocks to Vratsa and back to the starting point .

  • Mountain

    Vratsa Balkan

  • Route

    Vratsa-Horse trail-Zgorigrad

  • Altitude

    965 m

  • Uphill

    590 mt

  • Training


  • Average level

    S1 / S2 - S2=70% / S4=30%

  • Downhill

    ~ 965 mt

  • Min. Persons


  • Lenght


  • Riding time



Cycling is his life from more than 16 years. He ride both Cross Country, Road and Trail/Enduro and is passionate about all of them.e.

Nationality Bulgarian

Languages English



Route overview


Vratsa-Horse trail-Zgorigrad


15 KM

Group size




Avrage difficulty

Some technical terrain both up and down

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228 / 08 / 20191 day