This long, varied and beautiful trail was one of the new stages in Enduro Garvanec in 2019. It starts near the upper station of the idle chair lift (at the turn off for a large new house), pushing up the slope in the first 300 meters northeast through meadows (no path) and coniferous grove (through something like a clearing) to reach a peak (p.02), from which the local karachi made a great downhill path. At point 03, it joins the path to the Ledenika Cave (as well as the Tesero Trail) and continues to the left along it. In item 04, "Tesero" separates to the right, and we continue straight. At point 05, the path splits - we take that right, which starts with a rather stumbled and technical section. Further down the path there is nowhere to go wrong. It is generally easier paths in the Vrachanski Balkan, but don't be fooled - in many places it is quite technical and requires good skills. Certainly not suitable for beginners. Approaching the district of Bistrets, after a lawn with tables and benches, in item 06 we keep to the right and after a short time we enter the settlement and end on the main street.

If you want to enjoy more of the trail, you need to hit it dry. If it rains, the soil becomes very sticky and slippery, and the smooth mossy stones make things even more difficult and, in places, almost impossible.

  • Area

    Vrachanski Balkan - Bistrec Express

  • Trail

    113- Bistrec Express

  • Altitude

    1078 m

  • Ascent

    14 m

  • Training


  • Level

    S1 / S2 - S2=70% / S4=30%

  • Downhill

    -740 m

  • Direction

    Downhill Primary

  • Lenght

    4,867 m

  • Riding time






Bistrec Express


4,8 km





High difficulty

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828 / 08 / 20201 Day
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